HIPAA-compliant EMR, data collection, and practice management software for behavioral therapy providers specializing in autism treatment


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Central Reach is an ideal platform for practitioners of Applied Behavior Analysis. It provides world-class medical records and more.

As anyone who is involved in this effort knows, in order to be successful, an electronic medical record platform must be HIPPA-compliant, allow for easy access to patient records and provide for a variety of practice management services. Fortunately, Central Reach does just that. It is a highly integrated model, meaning that ABA practitioners who use the program will not have a problem using a variety of services without any problems. Indeed, one of the items that was praised the most by users of the program was how easy it was to navigate from one tab to the next.

Central Reach provides a variety of services in addition to serving as an Electronic Medical Record database. It also allows you to book and manage appointments, automate the intake process by managing paperwork, and easily bill. The breadth of services - and the ease by which you can track them - make this program ideal and easy to use. 

However, Central Reach goes beyond just these back-office functions. It also has an entire Learning Management module. This allows your staff to write and take courses based on whatever areas you choose. As such, you can use Central Reach for staff to develop and ensure that your staff is constantly kept up to date about the latest practices in your field. As a manager, you can track the success of your employees, easily seeing how they perform on the staff development tasks. The product is also cloud-based and mobile-friendly, so your staff can take these courses from anywhere. The Learning Management module was praised repeatedly by customers who reviewed the program, with many noting the customization of the program as being one of its greatest strengths.

Additionally, Central Reach is a highly flexible program. It has modules for a variety of settings, including smaller offices, larger ones, multi-site practices, and school-based settings. In other words, no matter where you practice, Central Reach almost certainly has a product for you.

Some complaints around Central reach centered around how easy the program was to operate. Multiple clicks are needed to get to certain areas, and the program lacks certain customization options, causing users to spend more time they want to in order to get to the desired location. This can be very frustrating.

More notable is that the program has had numerous instances of downtime. For practitioners with lots of patients, extended downtime is not acceptable. However, many of those issues appeared to be older. Hopefully, they have since been addressed.


  • Easy to navigate service.
  • Handles a slew of back-office functions.
  • Works for staff training. 
  • Highly flexible in terms of where it offers help.


  • Takes too many clicks to get to certain locations.
  • Lacks customization options.
  • Requires a decent amount of training to get used to the program.
  • Some bug-related issues and older problems with downtime.
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